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I am the Founder and Owner of Fyrestorm Creations and have been crafting for most of my life.

Growing up with a Grandmother and Mother who were always doing some sort of hand work, I learned at a young age about sewing, cross stitch, needle point or anything that had to do with a needle. All of which sparked my love of creating. Through the years, I have dabbled in creating various items including, chainmaille, scented baths salts, fine beaded jewelry, and peyote stitched amulet bags.

While trying to find unique beads for various jewelry projects and not being happy about what was available, out of necessity I starting creating my own. Using polymer clay has allowed me to combine many of my creative talents to create some truly unique boutique jewelry and beads.

All of my pieces are one of a kind. I certainly do repeat themes however, each item is distinctly different. I choose the beads and accent pieces for each item individually so that no two are ever the same.

When you choose a piece of jewelry from Fyrestorm Creations, rest assured that you are receiving a truly one of a kind treasure.

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of Fyrestorm Creations is to provide unique whimsical jewlery and accessories to you. I hope you will enjoy visiting my web site wearing our products as much as we enjoyed providing them for you.

Fyrestorm Creations

Fyrestorm Creations was started out of desparation :)  I have been making jewelry for ages and was having an impossible time finding the beads that I wanted to use in my designs.  After much research and hair pulling, I decided to make my own and Fyrestorm Creations was born.


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